Oral Surgery - High Park Dentist

High Park Dentist, Dr. Bhoomika Piplani offers patients the option of oral surgery services like tooth extractions, wisdom teeth extractions, and dental implants to help reduce and ultimately improve the dental pain you may be experiencing.

We would recommend that you look into tooth or wisdom teeth extractions when:

  • Tooth causing you discomfort
  • You have a tooth infection
  • Your tooth is crowding your other teeth
  • Tooth is impacted and not able to break through your gums

We would also recommend dental implants for when you are unable to eat food properly or when you are experiencing soreness due to gaps in your teeth. We want to help ease your pain as much as possible and provide you with your dream smile.

Call us today to schedule an appointment and we will work to provide you with a plan to get you feeling your absolute best in no time.

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