Custom Fitted Sports Mouth Guards

Custom Fitted Sports Mouth Guards in High Park Toronto

If you've enrolled your child or yourself into a contact sport or activity, you have undoubtedly created a list of safety equipment you will need. If a mouth guard isn't on your list of equipment, add it now!

Your child should be protected from a young age to avoid tooth loss and other oral injuries.

Mouthguards provide more than protection from tooth fracture. They prevent the lower jaw from impacting into the upper jaw averting major injuries such as concussions, jaw fractures, neck injuries as well as limiting bruising and laceration of the lips and cheeks.

While over the counter mouth guards are available and offer some protection, we suggest speaking to our team about a custom fitted mouth guard.

A professionally created mouth guard will protect the teeth, gums and bone structure by molding properly during use. Over the counter versions may prevent chipped or damaged teeth, but are not as effective at protect the important structures that support the teeth.

High Park Neighbourhood dentist Dr. Bhoomika Piplani's team can create mouth guards for you and your children ensuring that your activities are safer for your smile.

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